Welcome 2019!

(this is the post that I wrote one year ago on another website of mine. I transferred this article to this website to provide you guys a full picture of me!)

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I cannot believe how fast the time past for 2018. Last year is full of challenges and surprises. Some of them were stressing, while some were memorable. I was once overwhelmed by club's affairs, tests, college application in the first six months of 2018, but at the last part of the year, I did a lot of reflection and research, to make sure I am getting the right choice, right path for my life.

Okay, let's swing the topic from my personal 2018 to our family's trip to Osaka, Japan. This trip was amazingly amazing, which was far beyond my expectation. In the new year holiday season, we initially did not expect that so many people would come to Japan, however, the fact was totally opposite. Japan was packed with tourists in this seasons, especially in shopping areas and tourist attraction. Despite the large amount of people, we had a real fun and good company there.

In retrospect, it was the first time for us counting down for the new year together. In Taipei, I usually spend the last moment of the year with my friends at Taipei 101 to watch the fireworks. Therefore, for the rare fact this trip had already been special for us.

I felt my growth after this trip actually. We did not do anything special, but being with family for three whole days was once rare for me and my sister. We live in the same roof, but with different schedules, everyone gets his or her business. The most wonderful fact I found during the trip is the comfort and relaxation in family time, when I could open my heart and laugh everything out loud.

Because of the holiday seasons in Japan, most of the shops and restaurants closed during our visit. Therefore, we went down Shinsaibashi, a famous street with plentiful stores, and had a crazy winter shopping, for top to toes.

For three days, our schedule was always the same: having hotel breakfast until 10:30, heading out for something unexpected at noon, having a really late lunch cu we were still full, and went shopping until satisfied. It sound shallow but who can resist the happiness from being with his or her family for three whole days? Since my sophomore year in high school, I have been to busy for school clubs and events, and it was so hard to me to have a family dinner after school.

This is why I really appreciate the moment I stayed with my parents throughout this trip. Doing nothing but thankful and happy for everything.

Let's swing the topic back to our trip, even though I did not have travel insight.

Here are what we ate.

Kobe beef for sure. My dad and sister are beef lovers. They are always searching for the best beef noodle soup around Taipei or anticipating my mom's braised beef with vegetables. However, they both said the Kobe beef was not as surprisingly tasty as they expected. It was delicious and tender, and it was quite luxurious for sure, but just not satisfy their taste buds. For me, it was good to try, but I may not want to eat it again.

Moving on to next, Sushi!

I had been fortunate enough to have a lovely dinner at a small sushi restaurant. There are only ten seat in the restaurants. Without reservation, it was impossible to indulge these goodies. We all family love sushi! They are like a form of art, and I think watch the chef preparing our food make the sushi even more yummy. I am obsessed with the vinegar rice go with fresh seafood. I also found the the amount of rice was much less than the normal sushi outside. This little change enables me to eat more.

Lastly, I also highly recommend Unadon, eel rice. In Taipei, I usually do not eat much rice or carbs, but I just cannot resist the rice here. No words needed to describe how scrumptious this box was.

Here we go, we finished a small part of our Japan trip. Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!