How Has Life Been Treating Me So Far.

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I left home to study abroad since this September, which is the journey that I had been anticipating throughout my high school. Looking back from my three months of living here, I can finally call this place home. Life is a never-ending process of adaptation, even in Taipei I need to adapt to different different roles: an English/ math tutor, a daughter, a sister, a genuine friend. Now, I am not only a student but an independent individual. I have to learn to get along with my roommate, get used to my schedule and the unprofessional professors. Life is good, but there are much more challenges compared my life in high school.

In university, I do not complain anymore. I no longer use my Instagram spam account as an emotional outlet simply because I do not want to spread negativity to my friends or let them worry about me. Instead, I keep journal, not regularly but at least once a week, to track my emotions, budgets, and weekly goals and to-do list. It really helps me calm my impulses and transform my negativity to something constructive. Back to my time in Taipei, it is so easy for me to complain with my parents and close friends, but now, I cannot do that. I need to be mentally mature.

In university, time management is the key. There are so many things to do except exams. Now, I am the staff writer for the Daily Free Press, a member of BUTV10 the Wire, and an assistant of Spot On! podcast (go listen, it's on iTune!). I need to prioritize my study and extracurricular activities, and also social life. I cannot say I am a master on time management because I sometimes sacrifice my social life. I found myself new more personal time than before, which doesn't mean that I do not appreciate the time with friends, but just the fact that after an exhausting day, the best way to relax is being alone and think of nothing. However, I always spend some quality time with my close friends on Friday nights and weekends, kind of like a weekly routine.

(Going to Lauv's concert with my friends, the best night ever)

For this story, I will include what I have done for this semester so far.

1. Joining the Daily Free Press

This is the biggest accomplishment I have done so far, even though I only wrote three stories this semester. I found my interest in writing and documenting, and the process of interviewing different peoples thrilled me and made me nervous at the same time, which allows me to step out of my comfort zone. There was a moment when my content fell through and could not be published at the last minute, but sometimes my stories were well-structured and satisfied my editors. It is a challenging task especially for me, an ESL writer. However, it also makes this job appealing because it reminds me that challenges and difficulties can no longer be an excuse when you cannot do things right. I really appreciate what my editors have helped me in each article and reminded me that "we are both students, we are both learning through mistakes." Also, this job shows me the responsibility for being a writer, which you have to be humble and well-prepared when you interview people, work under deadline pressure, and learn to develop your story logically. In short, writers might not be a glamorous job since you are just reporting others' success (at least for my section), but there are so many professional ethics and skills you can learn from it.

2. Eating Taiwanese/ Chinese food here is not a good decision.

Okay, I am not complaining the quality of food, I just saying the price and quality cannot really matched in comparison in that in Taiwan. And I really miss the time sharing food with my family, especially the feeling that we gather around and share what have happened today.

3. My 19th Birthday! This is the only birthday that I was not with my family. (but they sent me cards!) I felt surprising warm that day because of my friends' company. However, there was an accident in that morning, which I lost my necklace on my way for brunch with friends. I even cried on my way to dorm because this necklace has a really special meaning for me and my mom. Luckily, someone got my necklace in the residential building and turned it into the security guard. Later in the afternoon, my friend Phoebe Chen, who is then interning at a radio, let me be her guest and played birthday song on air! This is definitely the most special and warm birthday present I have ever had in my life.

4. visiting museums! My friend and I went to the museum quite often this semester, and the main reason is that tickets are free for BU students!

We have been to Institute of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

My first semester is pretty intense, I wouldn't say I love it or hate it, but it is definitely pretty challenging and stressful. There are more exams than high school, which I didn't expect it in college since I simply assumed there would only be lots of readings and papers. Because of my major, I have to take biology, chemistry, and psychology in this semester, and it is really exhausting as there are two labs for me every week. However, after the first semester and I kind of get to know the operation of BU, I now understand how to register classes for the next semester.