Good Bye, 2019.

My 2019 consists of accomplishments, anxiety, challenges, and changes. It is a milestone in my life, but it also takes me away from my beloved family and friends. I am still searching for my role in this new environment, and I am looking for the moment when I can finally call Boston my home. I remembered last year, our family booked the airplane tickets in late December, 2018, flying to Osaka, Japan to celebrate New Year. This year, however, is a totally different story. I carried my huge luggage from Boston, to New York, and back to Boston again. Without friends' and family's company, I feel a sense of helplessness and loneliness, even though those are the feelings that I want to deny. Of course, I have became stronger and more independent after five months living away from home, but homesickness attacks me during holiday seasons and breaks. It is hard to live in present and not to compare your present life with the past. However, I changed my thoughts, channeling these slight negativity into something more constructive and meaningful. I have glad that I created this website as an emotional output, putting my thoughts and works toward a public platform, welcoming interested people to view my life and growth as a young adult. On the last day of 2019, I woke up late, drank three cups of coffee (I usually drink one or two), had a sunny side up sandwich for lunch, and back to my room to reflect my bitter-sweet 2019.

Dec 29 2018

I went to Osaka to celebrate New Year!

I had my final one week after this trip, but that didn't bother me. My senior year in high school was all about tests and exams, and also my college application. Back to the date, I still had no clues where I was going, and I hadn't applied to BU by the time we flied to Japan.

March 2019

I finally got accepted to my school! The last semester of high school was a torture because I had to studied the things that didn't seem helpful and related with my future. But now as I reflected, I found that the most memorable and simple period of time in my life as I finally relieved my stress! This is the picture I took with one of my best friend when we skipped classes and had brunch together.

April 2019

I got my driving license! I honestly like to go to the driving school because my coach is really funny and chill. This photo is taken by my dad on our way back to Pingtung. He finally allowed me to drive on the highway under his supervision.

June 2019

I graduated from Taipei First Girls High School on June 3. After that, it was a series of good-bye scenes before I flied to Boston. Celine Chen is my best high school friend as we were in the same class for freshmen year. We've gone through the SAT, college application, and different projects together, which really solidify the bond between us. I missed the comfort zone in girls high school, which I did not have to care about gender differences and talked/ dressed whatever I wanted. Three years in the girls' high school makes me realize how powerful and intelligent women are and how life can be simple/ complicated, bitter/ sweet at the same time.

Summer 2019

I went to Singapore with four other girls in July. It was my first time traveling independently with my friends!

Throughout the summer, I was an intern in an English tutoring center and also some kids, an assistant in a private kitchen in Taipei, another intern at a film production company.

I also visited Sikkim and Paris. I felt really grateful for all the opportunities I had and all the people I had been working with.

Looking back from now, I felt like I have done so much in three months, but I didn't even feel that busy during the summer. My schedule was undoubtedly occupied by work with minimal time for social life. But perhaps because I didn't work under pressure and was content with my the money I earned, I felt quite happy in general. After the last day of work one night in August, I had a lobster/ steak dinner with my friend to celebrate all the efforts we put throughout the summer (he was an intern in a big company). That night was unforgettable, like the first taste of adult which we could enjoy good food with our own money.

I was transferring planes to Sikkim!

August 2019

Time to say good bye to my dearest friends.

They are my best friends in middle school who know me more than I know myself.

Sep-Dec 2019

School starts. I am surprised that I have been transitioning well in the new environment. However, life of course is not as beautiful as you see in the picture. There were numerous setback from my work, my grades, and health concerns. At the same time, I am still searching for my position in this big school. I remembered I once told my friend that I don't like things all start over, but now it seems to be an inevitable process. Therefore, it is hard to describe my life in the first semester since there were so many things going on, which I cannot even imagine it has only been four months. I am looking forward to the next three more years of college without knowing where I will be (yes, I will probably not be in Boston).

Wish everyone a successful 2020!