General News 

This is a Boston mayoral candidate Q&A session hosted by WBUR CitySpace on October 17. Michelle Wu, a Mayoral Candidate, shares her experience of growing up in an Asian household, taking care of her family with mental illness and city policies that she deeply cares about. 

Radio Boston host Tiziana Dearing moderates two town-hall style conversations with the final mayoral candidate. Boston City Counseilo at-large Michelle Wu comes to WBUR CitySpace to talk about her background and issues she deeply cares about at 7 pm Monday. 

Event moderator Tiziana Dearing asks Michelle Wu how to make arts and culture more accessible to Boston residents, especially for those who work 9-5. Michelle Wu emphasizes the role of arts as a force of community bonding and ways for public engagement. (Photo by Irene Chung)